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*** NYT: FBI Anthrax Case Unravels! ***

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New York Times: Former F.B.I. Agent Sues, Claiming Retaliation Over Misgivings in Anthrax Case

Courthouse News: Former Agent Says FBI Memo Cost Him New Job

Washington Blog: FBI's Amerithrax Case Just Unraveled

“It would have been impossible for Ivins to have grown, purified and loaded the amount of material in the letters in just six days.  It simply could not be done.”

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Inside the Saudi 911 Coverup

Did Saudi Prince Bandar give chemicals to his guys in Syria to plant where Assad's shells may hit, thus casting blame on Assad and bringing the U.S. into the war so Saudi Arabia can put an oil pipeline through Syria to Europe?

The Logic of Deliberately Creating Enemies

"This war on terrorism is bogus"
by Michael Meacher, British Member of Parliament
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"Obama the conservative"

Describing the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes

Corporate dictatorship belies myth of  "U.S. democracy"

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Suspected criminals to run Ft. Detrick's germ warfare program
8/27/07 - By Richard Ochs

Info on Army Anthrax Contractor Battelle

Detrick Opponents Call for End to Growth
Frederick News-Post, August 26, 2007

Fort Dietrick's Threat to Frederick and to Humanity

Comments opposing the expansion of Fort Detrick
germ warfare facilities


Conspiracy, Crimes and Cover-up
by United States Agents


1. Government by Anthrax Who could have sent the anthrax letters and who has a motive? Here's evidence the letters were sent to grease the skids for the Patriot Act then before Congress. By Richard J. Ochs

2. Questions for Public Hearings What the Government is ignoring about the anthrax letters.

3. Learning the Wrong Lessons about the Anthrax Attacks Increased bioweapons research due to last year's anthrax letters has ironically made matters worse. Rather than inventing new diseases, ostensibly for which to design defenses, the U.S. should obey the 1972 Convention on Biological Weapons, which it has been violating, and ratify the International Protocol on Inspection and Verification, which it has been sabotaging. By Richard J. Ochs

4. Connecting the Dots and Asking Questions about the Anthrax Attacks Summary on the anthrax letters investigation: Who did it? Will we ever find out? By Richard J. Ochs

5. Abolish Bioweapons Now Human extinction is theoretically possible with new genetically engineered diseases. The US is the rogue nation threatening humanity. By Richard J. Ochs

6. Home Brew? International legal scholar Prof. Francis Boyle traces the history of U.S. biological warfare policy and condemns its violations and horrific prospects.

7. Who is Steven Hatfill? According to columnist Laura Rozen ( 2/8/02), he is a racist mercenary for sure, a probable war criminal and a possible anthrax terrorist, FBI settlement notwithstanding.

8. Assassination attempt on Democratic leaders The U.S. corporate media and FBI are covering up a plot by right wing elements in the U.S. military and intelligence agencies.

9. The United States is protecting the anthrax terrorist Top officials of the U.S. government are linked to a criminal conspiracy to protect a government trained anthrax assassin.

10. Synopsis Brief description of the "Government by Anthrax" theory that the letters were timed to influence legislation then before Congress.

11. U.S. Bioterrorism Research Leaps Past Defensive Tactics Scientists now able to explore creating genetically engineered superbugs, plus the means to mass-produce and spread them.
Oakland Tribune, Tuesday, June 08, 2004, by Ian Hoffman, Staff Writer.

12. Opposition to New Biolabs at Fort Detrick, Md. Comments submitted regarding proposed expansion at Fort Detrick. People are picketing in Bethesda, taking the position that the proposed new "research facilities" should not be located in a metropolitan area, but instead in Frederick where 200.000 live! By Barry J.C. Kissin, Attorney at Law, Frederick, Maryland.

13. Bioterror Fight May Spawn New Risks. As field of study expands, concerns grow about potential pathogen leaks; "Accidents are more likely" By Scott Shane, Baltimore Sun, June 27, 2004.

14. The Institue for Genomic Research: Genomic Powerhouse, Biosafety Tragedy. The skyrocketing biodefense budget, now exceeding that of the Manhattan Project (adjusted for inflation), is rapidly increasing research on biological weapons agents, including risky genetic engineering projects., July 27, 2004

15. Comments to Department of Homeland Security on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for more germ war labs. By Richard Ochs, November 1, 2004.


Why Do They Hate Us?

1. The Citizens' Campaign Against Terrorism

 A manifesto to restore tranquility in international relations.

2. Essay by Gerald Kessler
Would you hate anyone who did this to you?

3. The Road to War
Columnist Conn Hallinan describes Bush plans for empire.



1. The Irony of the 2004 Elections -- Who Will Inherit the Quagmire? By Richard Ochs. September, 2004

2. Democratic Leaders Are As Bad As Bush! By Richard Ochs. July 28, 2004


A retired printer and free lance writer from Baltimore, Richard Ochs has published articles in the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Chronicle, Science magazine and the website: He is past president of the Aberdeen Proving Ground Superfund Citizens Coalition, member of the Depleted Uranium Task force of the Military Toxics Project and a member of the Chemical Weapons Working Group. After completing a course in Atomic and Nuclear Physics at Muhlenberg College, he transferred to  the University of Maryland, where he had a split major in history and political science. He was a founding member of the Students for a Democratic Society at College Park. He accumulated ten arrests for equal accommodations with the Congress of Racial Equality and was resident printer for the D.C. Black Panther Party. He accumulated over 40 arrests protesting various U.S. wars since the 60's. In 1978 he was elected Shop Steward in IUMSWA Local 24, representing 150 burners and welders at the Bethlehem Steel ship repair yard in Baltimore. Ochs was a Green Party candidate for Md. State Delegate in 2006.