War on Terrorism

"Anthrax and the Agency - Thinking the Unthinkable" by Wayne Madsen, from CounterPunch, April 8, 2002

"The Enemy Within? -- FBI's Anthrax Investigation Turns on Itself" by Laura Rozen, from American Prospect, May 20, 2002

'Bushladen': the first article in the series about Bush and bin Laden family partnership in the Carlyle Group 'defense' business at:

Excerts from October 2001, 'Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel' article by Alice Cherbonnier at

'Why Washington Wants Afghanistan' by Jared Israel, Rick Rozoff & Nico Varkevisser at:

Israel-Palestine Links

Edward Said article on the Middle East:

"The Wounded Lion" (The Other Israel's editorial overview by Adam Keller evaluating one year of Sharon rule) is now online:

Full transcript of the war crimes panel available on the Gush site

Photos of action, information, weekly Gush Shalom report

The petition below will help the lawyers in Belgium who are suing Ariel
Sharon for war crimes.

WLUML statement on the current situation in Palestine/Israel

On our website you can download a two-page (or back-to-back) leaflet on Palestine and distribute it either by email or in hard copy as widely as you wish. It is located here.

Palestine Media Watch

Unprecedented Call to Refuse Military Orders

Peace Groups and Sources

Peace Through Reason

Please sign the Online Petition!

NucNews - Today and Archives

William Blum is the author of "Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II" and "Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower."

This courageous Black Congresswoman has asked the right questions about September 11. If you recall, she was also working to free the M L King and COINTELPRO files with the Congressional Black Caucus and COPA prior to the attack. Please give her whatever support you can and push Congress to open honest hearings - JJ

How IBM Helped Automate the Nazi Death Machine in Poland Final Solutions by Edwin Black, And in the Village Voice | Week of March 27 - April 2, 2002

Coverage of Enron, Argentina, Repression, etc. by ZNet

Miniature Earth (condensed statistics)

Sept 11: Unanswered Questions

American Friends Service Committee

National Youth and Student Peace Coalition

Peace Pledge

WAR TIMES, a new biweekly newspaper opposing the "war on terrorism"

Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway, Paris Reporters Say Bush Threatened Afghanistan War Last Summer, Week of January 2 - 8, 2002

Who killed more innocent, defenseless people? The terrorists in the United States on September 11 with their crashing airplanes? Or the American government in Afghanistan?

Blood for Oil

President's Statement on Caspian Pipeline Consortium

Afghanistan to gain 100 million dollars by Gas Pipeline Project

see also
John Maresca testimony
Caspian Sea Region: Tables and Graphs
No Blood for Oil -- Pipeline Routes
US wants central Asian oil fields

War is about controlling last oil fields to be tapped

June 2001 article: US-Russia alliance to fight Taliban

Energy future rides on U.S. war
Conflict centered in world's oil patch


UNOCAL (oil pipeline co.) testimony

Bush Sr., Cheney Have Big Stakes in Saudi Status Quo

FLASH: Developing US-Russian Tensions over Central Asian Oil



Oil Depletion

Sane Perspectives about 9-11

Loss of Constitutional Civil Liberties

Ex-CIA agent John Stockwell quantifies US victims since WWII


The American Reichstag fire? Alternative conspiracy theories.

Operation Northwoods (1962 Pentagon plan to attack US civilians that would be blamed on Castro's Cuba to "justify" US invasion)

Epidemics, famine, population collapse, and environmental disaster.
If things are done right, there is however every reason to believe that a sustainable world of the future can be better than the consumerist world we have now."



The Sunshine Project

Water Wars

#1 Project Censored story for Year 2000
CIA's "2015" report predicts water shortages, increasing inequities and public health emergencies

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