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Bio of Richard J. Ochs

A retired printer, activist and free lance writer from Baltimore, Richard Ochs has published articles in the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Chronicle, Science magazine and the website:


He is past president of the Aberdeen Proving Ground Superfund Citizens Coalition, member of the Depleted Uranium Task force of the Military Toxics Project and a member of the Chemical Weapons Working Group.


After completing a course in Atomic and Nuclear Physics at Muhlenberg College, he transferred to  the University of Maryland, where he had a split major in history and political science. He was a founding member of the Students for a Democratic Society at College Park. He accumulated ten arrests for equal accommodations with the Congress of Racial Equality and was resident printer for the D.C. Black Panther Party. He accumulated over 40 arrests protesting various U.S. wars since the 60's.


In 1978 he was elected Shop Steward in IUMSWA Local 24, representing 150 burners and welders at the Bethlehem Steel ship repair yard in Baltimore. Ochs was a Green Party candidate for Md. State Delegate in 2006.