Free From Terror




(Sung to Bob Dylan tunes)

by Richard Ochs, Baltimore 9/1/12


Conniving corporate hawks     Am  E    (traditional flamenco chord pattern)

Hoarding money that talks        F      E

Tricked us into foreign wars     C      G

By concocting shocks.              F      E



Like shocking the flock with a chopping block    D C

To start the second Gulf War,                            G D…G D

They hacked the facts to attack Iraq                   D C

And lied about why for.                                      G D…G D

They did not see WMD                                      A7 D

Or weapons of massive gore                              G D…G D

Seven million lost their homes                             G F E Eb

For nothing.                                                       D…G D


Bait and switch was the trick                              (same chords)

To start the first Gulf war.

Google and see April Glaspie,

The U.S. ambassador,

Who told Saddam it's OK to bomb

Kuwait to settle a score.

They made it happen, or let it happen

On purpose.


(to DESOLATION ROW)    Key of D

The Heritage Foundation

Claims Nicaraguan invasion

Of Honduras in eighty-three,

Reversing the reality

That Ollie North sold guns

To Iran and sent the funds

To the Contra terror plan

For Sandinista land.

Surprise attack a lie!                 G chord              

The bosses knew what was due             

But not you and I

And not those who die.



Vietnam started with a sham.          C  Am  Em  (repeat)                    

A whole generation butchered and damned.       

MacNamara had to repent.                            

A million lives he wrongly spent.           

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution     

Was the problem, not a solution.         C  Am  Em . . . G      

Based on a lie. There was no attack    F G C Am  

On a U.S. destroyer. That’s a fact.      F G C 

Surprise attack was a lie!                    F G C Am

The bosses knew what was due.          F G C


(to Lily of the West)                           Am  C  G

One Korea, split in a rift,                     Am

It was nineteen fifty, June twenty fifth.   (repeat chords)

Both sides claimed the other shot first.

In provocation, the South was worse.

That dictator, Syngman Rhee,

The U.S. puppet designee,

Bragged that he planned to invade,

Was first to the line and there he stayed.

Clear to those with opened eyes:

With all guns aimed, ‘twas no surprise.


Surprise attack a lie!                                  Dm E

The bosses knew what was due                 A  G

But not you and I.                                      F  E


(to DESOLATION) key of D

U.S. threats from Guam

Caused Japanese alarm.

For a back door war,
FDR sought the harm.

Expecting their attack,

He concealed that fact

And let Pearl Harbor wreck
For a shock effect.

Surprise attack was a lie!                   G chord

The bosses knew what was due           

But not those who die.                          

             Key of A

So few wanted World War One,

Without a shock, it couldn’t be done.

Warnings from the battle zone

Of German U-boats was well known.

But the Lusitania ship was sent

Into danger with cruel intent.

The loss of lives meant more recruits.

A million Yankees put on their boots.



Surprise attack a lie!                    Dm  E

The bosses knew what was due   A  G

But not you and I                         F  E

And not those who die.                F  E

They made it happen                   G

Or let it happen on purpose         F E

Criminal deception on purpose.   F E

(DESOLATION)    Key of D

The U.S. battleship Maine

Was bombed and blamed on Spain.

No proof explained, but lots to gain:

Guam and Philippines,

Puerto Rico, Cuba too

Were gobbled up right on cue.

Their independence drowned in blood.

Their workers ripped off in the mud.

Surprise attack was a lie!                     G chord

The bosses knew what was due            A  G

But not those who died.                         F  E



To carve up Mexico,                      Am  E

There our troops did go.                 F  E

Where they died; their battle cry      C  G

“Remember the Alamo!”              F   E

The truth they did not show       (repeat 8 chords)

Where was Alamo?

Scheming liars, now we know.
It was in Mexico.


Surprise attack a lie!                                  Dm E

The bosses knew what was due                A  G

In spite of those who died.                         F  E



After the towers fell,        

Anthrax was in the mail.

Along with the letters sent

A phony jihad epithet.

Horrified to the core,

The country moved toward war.

With Congress out, the die was cast:

The Patriot Act was passed.

Detectives since found out

The anthrax used, no doubt

Was from a Domestic source.

An inside job, of course.

The FBI blamed a dead man.

His co-workers say that’s a sham.

The killers are still on the lam

And are free to strike again.

If that does take place,

To more war we may race.

Repeating history again and again

And again, and again, to the end.

Surprise attack was a lie!                         G chord

The bosses knew what was due               

But not you and I and not those who died. 



Google “oil Afghanistan”                           C  Am  Em

That will show our invasion was planned   (repeat chords)

Before Nine Eleven, pipelines to lay

And a greedy reason there to stay.

Was Nine Eleven an inside job?

Stampeding war, peak oil to rob.

When we look for whom to blame,

Suspect the ones who hope to gain.          C  Am  Em . . . G

Google for yourself and see                      F  G  C  Am

A New Pearl Harbor was the key         F  G  C

For oil supremacy.                                   F  G  C  Am

Says New American Century.               F  G  C

Sibel Edmonds of the FBI              C  Am  Em

Said that Condoleeza lied                (repeat chords)

When asked if they knew

Hijacked plane attacks were due.    C  Am  Em . . . G

Surprise attack was a lie!                 F G C Am

The bosses knew what was due       F G C

But not you and not I                       F G C Am

And not those who die.                    F G C

They made it happen                        G

Or let it happen on purpose              F E

Criminal deception on purpose.        G F E


There were many people who   D C

Gave warnings of attack.        G D…G D

CIA asset Lindaur knew         D  C

Of plans to blame Iraq.             G D…G D

As detectives often do,             A7  D

Rebels were entrapped.      G D…G D

Waiving visa entry is a fact.    G F E Eb D…G D

Allowed to fly by the FBI,      (same chords)

In school they were tracked.

So says agent Coleen Rowley

Who was told to shut her trap.

Allowed to plane and take the blame,

Were patsies hijacked

By remote controlled aircraft?

(Which is technically a snap.)


War games planned for that day

Let Cheney have his way.

Overridden brass did yield,

With interceptors far afield.

Rejecting blame for all the dead,

Condi, Bush and Cheney said:

No one really could've known

Missile planes would've flown.

But Richard Cheney planned some drills (NRO.   G

Before that day of woe                                           D

With missile plane scenarios,                                   A

The White House had to know.                               G  D

Surprise attack was a lie!                        G chord

The bosses knew what was due

But not you and I and not those who died.


The Joint Chiefs of Staff                       Am  E

In year sixty two                                  F  E

They would hijack aircraft,                   C  G

Bomb our cities too,                            F  E

Then blame it on Castro                      Am  E

To invade Cuba’s land,                       F  E

But JFK said no way Jose’ (hozay)     C  G

And nixed the Northwoods plan.       F E 

But these engineers the very next year  C  G

Assassinated this man.                       F  E

Magic bullet a lie!                                  Dm  E   

The bosses knew what was due               A G

But not you and I.                                  F E



Since all these foreign lands        C Am Em  (all lines)

The U.S. did invade

Were smothered with a rotten scam

Nine Eleven’s another charade.

At least a dozen times prior

The U.S. plotted war.

Butchers and barefaced liars,

Always as before.                       C Am Em…G

Reichstag plotter Hermann Goering    F G C Am

Learned from our history.                     F G C

That corporate bosses scamming war    F G C Am

Mocks democracy.                               F G C


Get prepared for the next big scare.          C Am Em 

Don’t let our taxes be tapped                      (ditto)   

By chasing phantoms and singing anthems    (ditto)   

As criminals clap their trap.                         C Am Em…G

Surprise attack is a lie!                                F G C Am

The bosses know what is due,                     F G C

But not you and not I                                   F G C Am

And not those who die.                                F G C

They make it happen or let it happen on purpose.  GFE

Criminal deception on purpose.                   G F E


Bearing false witness,       Am  E

Thou shalt not kill.            F   E

The hypocrite religious     C   G

They will rot in hell.          F   E


New York (AP) — Former chief U.N. nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei suggests in a new memoir that Bush administration officials should face international criminal investigation for the "shame of a needless war" in Iraq.


April Glaspie, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, told Saddam Hussein a few days before the war:
"We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary (of State James) Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960's that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America."  Google search: April Glaspie


"A former Honduran military officer recently arrested in the United States for alleged human rights atrocities denies that he killed or tortured people. But he admits he helped to mine the harbors of Nicaragua during the 1980s Contra war as part of a covert operation with the CIA and then-White House national security aide Oliver North."


Iran-Contra scandal:  “The affair was composed of arms sales to Iran in violation of the official US policy of an arms embargo against Iran, and of using funds thus generated to arm and train the Contra militants based in Honduras as they waged a guerilla war to topple the government of Nicaragua. The Contras' form of warfare was "one of consistent and bloody abuse of human rights, of murder, torture, mutilation, rape, arson, destruction and kidnapping."  Oliver North was on President Reagan’s NSC.


Robert MacNamara, U.S. Secretary of Defense: “. . . we were wrong, terribly wrong.”


Gulf of Tonkin Incident: NSA Report: “no attack happened that night. In truth, Hanoi's navy was engaged in nothing that night but the salvage of two of the boats damaged on August 2”


Syngman Rhee:


Google search: “Pearl Harbor prior knowledge.”


Warning to Lusitania in NY news:


Spanish American War:


Lincoln's "Spot" Resolutions December 22, 1847.

In these resolutions placed before the House of Representatives, Abraham Lincoln (Whig Representative from Illinois, 1846-48) questions the legality of the origin of the Mexican war. Was the "spot" where American blood was shed in fact on American soil?


Framing Arabs with “false flag” hate letters and anthrax:


A chronology of events suggests that the motivation for the anthrax attacks was to boost passage of the Patriot Act and incite Americans to war:

Anthrax letters traced to U.S. Army labs and their corporate contractors:

                  The Carlyle Group Subsidiary, EG&G, had access to Battelle and Fort Detrick anthrax by way of a service contract with Battelle. The Carlyle Group, a military contractor, included H.W.Bush and the Bin Laden family among its owners at that time. Carlyle/EG&G was the connection between Battelle/Detrick and the Bush family at the time of the anthrax attacks. Battelle makes the world’s most advanced aerosol powder (click on “Private Outfit to Run Fort Detrick’s Germ Warfare Program"

Fellow researcher: “It would have been impossible for Ivins to have grown, purified and loaded the amount of material in the letters in just six days. It simply could not be done."


Oil pipeline behind war in Afghanistan:


"For the next half-century there will be just enough energy resources left to enable either a horrific and futile contest for the remaining spoils, or a heroic cooperative effort toward radical conservation and transition to a post-fossil-fuel energy regime.”


The smoking gun of 9/11:


The Project for a New American Century, a think-tank including of some of the core policy advisors for the Bush Administration, has become notorious for articulating the need for a "new Pearl Harbor" in its 2000 policy paper Rebuilding America's Defenses.


The FBI had information that an attack using airplanes was being planned before Sept. 11


This section focuses on known advance warnings received by the U.S. government from foreign intelligence services that proved to be specific enough to have identified the date (within one week), method, targets, and perpetrators of the attacks.


CIA asset Susan Lindaur blows whistle on 9/11:

Many failed "terrorist" attempts would never have gotten off the ground without aid from the authorities:

Visas that Should Have Been Denied - A look at 9/11 terrorists’ visa applications.


Flight School Says FBI Trailed Suspect Prior To Hijackings


A known Islamic extremist named Zacarias Moussaoui had paid $8000 in cash for lessons to fly a Boeing 747.  Three weeks before 9-11, Rowley's team arrested him and wanted a warrant to search his laptop computer but Rowley's superiors at FBI headquarters said "no."


Remote control flight technology is commercially available. One of the manufacturers of this equipment is System Planning corporation, whose former director, Dov Zakheim, was a signer of the "PNAC" report stating a New Pearl Harbor would enable their global domination goals. Mr Zakheim was Comptroller of the Pentagon from 2001 through early 2004 (in charge of the money).

War games on 9/11 paralyzed attempts to intercept planes


The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) which is staffed by military and CIA personnel, and is in charge of most American spy satellites, was running a drill for the scenario of an errant aircraft crashing into its headquarters on 9/11/2001. (UPI, Aug 22, 2002). 

     The NRO claims as soon as the real world events “began to unfold” the drill was called off and all but the most essential personnel were sent home. Why did the NRO send home the “eyes of the world” while many aircraft were unaccounted for?  (see above website)
    "NORAD had drills with jets as weapons”-USA Today



Assassination of President Kennedy:
“After the Bay of Pigs botched  invasion of Cuba in 1961, JFK took away planning from the CIA and gave it to the joint chiefs. He also fired the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, as well as Deputy Director Charles Cabell, and Deputy Director of Plans Richard Bissell. In 1962 the joint chiefs were still obsessed with invading Cuba. They presented Kennedy with a plan called Operation Northwoods.

“The Operation Northwoods documents, which were signed off on by Lyman Lemnitzer and all of the joint chiefs, called for an invasion of Cuba based on a false pretext. Some of the false pretexts suggested were using a fake plane, filled with college students, and blowing it up over international waters and blaming Cuba, or murdering John Glenn when he re-entered the atmosphere and blaming Cuba. The plan was presented in late 1962; Secretary of State Robert McNamara thought Lemnitzer had lost his mind, and Kennedy said no. He has already taken away operational planning from the CIA; now, he finds that the joint chiefs are simply a different set of lunatics.”


Hermann Goering, Hitler’s Reich Marshall, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II: “Naturally the common people don't want war. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”  

                  Historians do not agree on who is actually responsible for the Reichstag Fire: van der Lubbe acting alone -- a Communist plot -- or the Nazis themselves in order to create an incident. Writers such as Klaus P. Fischer feel that most likely the Nazis were involved. But regardless of who actually planned and executed the fire, it is clear that the Nazis immediately took advantage of the situation in order to advance their cause at the expense of civil rights. The Decree enabled the Nazis to ruthlessly suppress opposition in the upcoming election.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Council on Foreign Relations, National Security Advisor to President Carter and adviser to Presidents Reagan and Bush the First, wrote in 1997: “the ‘imperial mobilization’ necessary to commandeer the world’s remaining hydrocarbon reserves would be hard to embark upon without a catastrophic and catalyzing event on par with Pearl Harbor.”  Ten years later, after the “New Pearl Harbor” (9/11) failed to gain the desired oil, he testified to the U.S. Senate:  “A plausible scenario for a military collision with Iran involves Iraqi failure to meet the benchmarks; followed by accusations of Iranian responsibility for the failure; then by some provocation in Iraq or a terrorist act in the U.S. blamed on Iran; culminating in a “defensive” U.S. military action against Iran that plunges a lonely America into a spreading and deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.”  Just like MacNamara, Zbig’s tune changed with failure.