Free From Terror

Why They Hate Us

One of the cover-up ploys used by our intelligence community is the time-lag technique. When a criminal act is committed by the CIA or the Special Forces, etc, it is covered up or denied at the time and anyone courageous enough to blow the whistle is dealt with in an unkind manner. For example it is now a matter of public record that the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 because we did not intend to let them nationalize their oil industry. Instead we installed the Shah and set up his secret police the SAVAK which for nearly two decades brutalized and murdered any democratice opposition to our client government. It was only until the second Clinton administration that his Secretary of State Madeline Albright admitted that the US had a hand in this foul deed. To this day, there are thousands of Iranian Muslim survivers of that coup who hate us. Can you understand the roots of their rage?

Again in 1954 the CIA executed a coup which overthrew the democratically elected government in Guatemala. The U.S. installed a puppet government, armed, equipped and trained its army which then proceded to kill, kidnap, and torture any opposition . Why? Because the democratic government was planning to level taxes on the U.S. mulitnational corporation United Fruit and allow its native employees to organize into unions. We regarded this as communism. This colossal injustice was largely unreported by the media The time-lag ploy worked for a period of nearly 40 years after which Pres. Clinton publicly apologized to the Guatemalan people.

Moving forward to another time and place, in Islamic Indonesia in1967 the CIA in what they bragged as a textbook case on how to execute a coup joined with the Indonesian army generals and overthrew their government and replaced it with a pro-busines regime which of course would tolerate no opposion. One of the victims was American journalist Allan Nairn who attempted to report on the atrocities committed by the U.S. Army- supported Indonesian army. For his efforts, Nairn was beaten and his skull fractured by soldiers armed with US rifles. ("A Witness to U.S.-Supported Horror" - Washington Post 1-10-95). Nairn received no support from the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia. For 33 years a Suharto (Indonesian) Armed Forces regime built on the underlining threat of force (in the words of the Indonesia investors guide Politcal Risk Services)made it possible for foreign companies to grow rich on Indonesia`s vast resources and cheap labor. This from CorporationWatch 5-29-98. Until only recently the U.S. military continued to support the Indonesian army, providing it with weapons and training by our Special Forces. Is it any wonder that so many Muslims in Indonesia hate us?

The time-lag technique works so well because of the lapse of years between the time an act is commited and the time it is made known to the public. By that time it is old hat and the public is interested in other things, thus criminal acts go unpunished. And you can rest assured that nefarious activity undercover at the present time will go unnoticed until years in the future.