By Richard Ochs

July 28, 2004

Before you reject this prospect out of hand, consider this: If the Democrats created the conditions for Bush's outrages, then voted for them, bankrolled them and continue to create such conditions, isn't it logical to conclude that they have equal blame?  In criminal law, the one who pays a hit man to kill his wife is equally guilty.

If the Democrats are more pro-Israel than the Republicans, and if the 9/11 attacks were partially the result of the U.S./Zionist oppression of Palestine, and if the 9/11 attacks prompted an inevitable U.S. war against terrorism, then the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans, at least in foreign policy.  But, if the billions spent on the resulting foreign policies allow domestic social services only at the expense of massive national debt to banks, the intended programs of Democrats are a cruel mirage.  Objectively, their Zionist policy makes the Democratic Party every bit as bad as the GOP, in spite of intentions and good words.

Why do they hate us?  It was a Democratic president, Lyndon Johnson, who ordered the CIA to overthrow the popular Indonesian President Sukarno in 1965 and installed the U.S.-friendly dictator Suharto, resulting in the deaths of up to one million people, 90% Muslims.  It was a Democratic president, Jimmy Carter, who stationed CIA spies and supporters of the deposed dictator, the Shah of Iran, to destabilize Iran and entice Iraq to invade, causing a 10 year war that killed one million Muslims. It was a Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who enforced a cruel embargo of Iraq, killing up to one million innocent civilians, mostly Muslim children.  The U.S. meddling in Muslim countries, costing up to 3 million lives, created a lot of anti-American hatred.  The Democrats are responsible for creating the conditions for the mess we are in now.  Worse, the Democrats are still doing it.

As reported in the Baltimore Sun (April 15, 2002), Joe Lieberman said the Bush Administration's foreign policy "has muddled our moral clarity" in the Middle East by pressuring Israel in its attacks on Palestinian cities "not to do exactly what we ourselves have done to fight terrorism in Afghanistan."  Senators Hillary Clinton and John Kerry agreed with Lieberman, as did Senate Democratic leader Daschle.  House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt went even further.  The Washington Post reported on June 5, 2002, that Gephardt disagreed with Bush's call for a Palestinian state.  Gephardt also refused to call for an end to Israel's building of more settlements in the occupied territories.

Now the Democratic candidate, Senator John Kerry, has just spoken in support of the new Israeli wall on Palestinian land, even though the World Court and United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn it as a violation of international law.

Presidential peace initiatives in the Middle East are a wash between Democrats and Republicans.  While Bill Clinton tried for a peace accord at Camp David, George W. Bush called for a Palestinian state.  The Camp David accord failed because the accord tried to rip off 10% of Palestine.  If in their shoes, would the US give up 5 states out of 50 to an enemy for peace?  Clinton did not try to cut U.S. funding to Israel for a serious peace agreement.

Lieberman's criticism of Bush on domestic funding issues is irrelevant.  For the most part, foreign policy defines domestic policy.  The billions and billions that we are spending on the  "Bush-Lieberman wars" on terrorism are coming out of education, social security, housing, transportation, welfare, our pockets and everything else that is decent.

One may argue that the Democrats are better than the Republicans in everything else, so one should still vote Democratic.  I say that is dangerous because "as goes the Middle East, so goes the world."  U.S. polices are becoming more like Israel's.  Just as Israel has provoked desperate retaliation from the Palestinians, the U.S. is provoking resentment from the world's 2 billion Muslims.  Instead of the U.S. stopping Israel's illegal aggression, the U.S. is following suit.  What you see in Israel today is the pattern for the U.S. in the future: an endless cycle of mutual retaliations.  As the death count gets higher, the world will polarize and the chance of peaceful resolution will become dimmer.  Worldwide terrorism and state terrorism, including here at home, is the prospect for generations to come.

It is not just one issue among many.  The Middle East issue effects every other issue.  The U.S. support of Israel's occupation of Palestine and illegal settlements provoked the 9/11 attacks and caused the resulting cutback in the rights and wellbeing of Americans. The U.S. response has caused cutbacks in environmental, educational and housing programs.  It is disingenuous of Democratic politicians to call for these programs, for a balanced budget and create conditions for endless war -- all at the same time.  It cannot happen and they know it.  The few issues, like abortion and court appointments, pale in comparison with the state terrorist regime.

The Democratic leadership is just as responsible for our terrorized new world disorder as is Bush and the neo-cons.  The Dems have helped to bankroll the illegal Zionist expansion for 50 years and still support more of the same.  We have every reason to believe Osama Bin Laden's reasons for the 9/11 attacks: to get U.S. troops out of his country and stop the U.S. proxy oppression of Palestine.  Thanks to the U.S. "tilt" to Israel, the Middle East conflict has now engulfed the entire world, that is, the endless cycle of retribution in the Middle East is now world-wide and getting worse.

U.S. policy in Israel in key to world peace and wellbeing.  There is no lesser of evil between the two major parties.  Vote for truth. Vote for Ralph Nader.